RUCGC - PSNI Benevolent Fund

RUCGC - PSNI Benevolent Fund

The RUCGC-PSNI Benevolent Fund has been in existence since 1971 and was established by the forerunner to the Police Federation, the Central Representative Body. At that time, a levy of 10 pence per month was requested from members to provide a regular income to the Fund. Today, members continue to support the Fund with a monthly subscription and occasional fund-raising activities. Other important sources of income for the Fund include public donations and bequests, as well as the constant support received by our colleagues from mainland police services. 

The Fund has never adopted a high public profile and therefore many people, including our own membership remain oblivious to the valuable work carried out over the years. Under the remit of ‘criteria of need’ the Fund aims to provide benevolent support whenever deemed necessary to serving officers and their dependants, injured and disabled officers, ex members and widows. The maintenance of 18 apartments in Portrush and 8 holiday cottages in Kesh, enables many of these people to enjoy a short break away from the difficulties imposed on them by their own circumstances or environment.

For many years the Fund has, in liaison with some of the mainland police services, provided trips for widows and injured officers. It continues to help fund the many police Local Voluntary Welfare Groups in existence throughout the Province and assists officers and their dependants in times of need. Since its inception, the Fund has provided numerous grants to deserving cases. These grants have helped purchase important items such as wheelchairs and stair lifts, household goods, medical equipment and other necessities. In fact, the Fund has met the needs of many over the years who have been unable to afford to help themselves. 

Each Regional Board has an appointed Benevolent Fund Representative who can arrange to visit anyone who is seeking help or advice from the Fund. The Representative will complete the necessary documentation required and present the case to the Management Committee at its monthly meeting. It is this Committee which assesses all requests for assistance and the representative will inform the applicant of the outcome. All applications are made in strict confidence.

The Fund works closely with many other organisations which provide help and support for the police family. The Police Dependants’ Trust is a UK based charity which provides assistance to police officers or former police officers who are, or have been incapacitated as a result of an injury received in the execution of duty, or dependants of such officers. All Northern Ireland PDT applications are processed by the RUCGC-PSNI Benevolent Fund.   

Subscription Rate 2017:

  • Regular/Reserve Officers £10.50
  • Part Time Constables £7.43

If you require further information on the work of the Fund, require help or wish to make an application to attend one of the Treatment Centres, please contact the Benevolent Fund Administrator at the Federation Office Garnerville:
Tel. No. 028 9076 4215 or email:

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