Federation appeals for all-out community drive against terrorists

Release Date: 1 Nov 2017


The Chairperson of the Police Federation for Northern Ireland, Mark Lindsay, is calling for full co-operation from the community to root out terrorists responsible for the lethal IED in West Belfast.

The horizontal armour-piercing device was abandoned in the Poleglass area and was the subject of a detailed security operation during the past three days.
Mr Lindsay said: “It’s bad enough that we have dissident republicans still wedded to murdering Police Officers and causing untold misery for the local community.
“Just as bad is the number of people behind them who assembled the IED, know where parts were sourced and know who was responsible for it and where it was put together.
“They’re just as guilty as the murderous thugs who abandoned it in a busy area. They, too, should be made amenable and handed down meaningful prison sentences.
“The wider community has to realise that these faceless would-be attackers have nothing to offer people. Their stock in trade is misery, disruption and fear and only through concerted co-operation with the Police will we be able to rid society of the scourge.
“These people don’t speak for the community which they subjected to days of upset and inconvenience. Their outdated and warped view on life needs to be emphatically rejected, and I would appeal to people to work with the Police to bring those responsible for this latest incident to justice.”

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