Email Encryption Service

The Police Federation for Northern Ireland uses Microsoft 365 Email Encryption, which facilitates the secure transfer of emails and documents to non-secure email addresses. This is beneficial when emailing members, business associates and other agencies that are not on a secure network, ensuring PFNI meets security and data protection requirements.

Why is PFNI using Microsoft 365 Email Encryption?

Microsoft 365 Email Encryption allows PFNI staff to securely send confidential information to external email accounts (including Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail).  We are increasingly sending information by email, as this is quicker and more convenient for our members and business associates we work with. We’ve therefore introduced an easy to use piece of software that will help ensure that any information sent by email is secure.

Is Microsoft 365 Email Encryption free to use?

Yes. All recipients can view and securely reply to emails sent via Microsoft 365 Email Encryption from PFNI for free.

How do recipients view Encrypted emails?

A guide for users can be found here:  How do I open a protected message? (

For further enquiries about Egress Switch and its use in PFNI, please email: or Contact Us


Email Encryption Service