Benefits Scheme

The Benefits Scheme provides a Life Insurance Policy, Critical Illness, Sickness Benefit, Terminal Illness Advance, and Travel Insurance...

We are pleased to advise the renewal of the PFNI Benefits Scheme on 1st March 2018 with new added benefits and a minimal price increase. In addition to our comprehensive tailored cover, we have negotiated a NEW ASSAULT BENEFIT, NEW HOSPITALISATION BENEFIT, NEW CHILDRENS LIFE & CRITICAL ILLNESS BENEFIT to the scheme and enhanced the travel insurance with NEW STRANDED PASSENGER BENEFIT and CAR HIRE COLLISION WAIVER DAMAGE. The Benefits Scheme is now opened for joining all year round. (Previously only in March of each year).

Sickness Benefit

£49 per week after a 56 day qualifying period. Benefit is paid for a maximum of 44 weeks within the contract term for any one illness or injury. Benefit may increase to £100 per week after 6 months at the lower rate, if you are reduced to half or no pay. Claims MUST be submitted within 6 months of first day of sickness.

Life Insurance

£100,000.00 life insurance benefit paid to your nominated beneficiary/ beneficiaries. Death from any cause, on or off duty. Newly introduced from 1st March 2018 CHILDRENS LIFE INSURANCE COVER of £5,000.00.

Critical Illness

£10,000.00 benefit if you suffer from one of the following Critical Illnesses and survive 28 days from diagnosis. Newly introduced from 1st March 2018 is Children’s Cover of £1,000.00. Illnesses covered: Alzheimer’s Disease (before age 65), Aorta graft surgery, Bacterial Meningitis, Benign Brain Tumour, Blindness, Cancer, Coma, Coronary artery by-pass grafts, Creutzfaldt-Jacob Disease, Deafness, Heart attack, Heart Valve Replacement or Repair - with surgery to divide the breastbone, HIV infection and Hepatitis B Virus – acquired as a result of medical treatment in the UK or a documented incident occurring whilst on police duty, Kidney failure, Loss of hands or feet, Loss of Speech, Major Organ Transplant, Motor Neuron Disease (before age 65), Multiple sclerosis, Paralysis of limbs, Parkinson’s Disease (before age 65), Severe Burns, Stroke, Traumatic Head Injury, Funeral Expenses of £1,000.00 if the 28 day survival period is met.

Assault Benefit (NEW)

A payment of £1,500. This benefit is payable where whilst on duty you suffer an assault with a firearm, crossbow, knife or bladed or pointed instrument which results in actual physical injury which renders you unfit for duty for a period of 3 consecutive days or more.

Hospitalisation Benefit (NEW)

A payment of £50 per night for unplanned admission for an Accident is payable from the first night up to a maximum of seven nights.

Family Worldwide Travel Insurance

Cover extends to spouse and resident children up to age 21 (if in FTE) for holidays up to 30 days at one time. All travelers are subject to the policy’s Health Warranty. New benefits to the policy include the 360 Assistance website, Stranded Passenger Benefit and Hire Car Collision Damage Waiver Excess.

Loss of Limb/Eye/Hearing both ears (Due to accident)

£50,000.00 Benefit. Accident related only

Permanent Total Disablement (Due to accident)

£100,000.00 Benefit. Accident related only

Stranded Passenger Benefit (NEW)

As one of our policyholders, you have access to a network of more than 800 executive lounges at airports around the world and can be kept up to date on. To avail of this benefit, you must register your holiday including flights and passengers on the Secure Document Vault up to 24hrs before departure (please sign in to the members area to access the link URL and pin.

If your flight is delayed by more than 2 hours, we automatically send an access code to your mobile so you can take advantage of the facilities, with our compliments, whilst you wait.

360 Assistance (NEW)

Wherever you’re heading, our 360 Assistance service gives you current, country by country information online. Travel safely with online access to global medical, political and security information including vaccination, contact details for consulates & medical facilities and other useful information. You can stay informed with e-mail alerts, helping you avoid nasty surprises that may disrupt your plans. What’s more, our support team is on hand 24/7 if you need more help.

Hire Car Collision Waiver Damage (NEW)

The reimbursement of the accident damage excess applied to your car hire insurance if the insured vehicle is damaged or involved in an accident during the rental period; and the cost of replacing rental car keys if these are lost, stolen or damaged during the rental period, this includes where necessary the costs to replace locks or for a locksmith to break into the insured vehicle

Terminal Prognosis Benefit

20% of the Life Insurance Benefit can be advanced to you, if you are diagnosed with an illness where your prognosis is less than 12 months. The remaining 80% will be paid to your beneficiary/beneficiaries on death.

How to Apply

You can apply by downloading the application form by signing into the members section, requesting it by email at or calling the office on 028 9076 4200 Option 2. Deductions are taken at source via your salary. As a member of the Benefits Scheme you may also apply to insure your spouse/partner by joining the Spouses Scheme and on retirement you may avail of the Benefits Scheme Continued Life Cover and Spouses Schemes until age 70 (excluding Travel Insurance where the upper age limit is 65) by Direct Debit.