Benefits Scheme

The Benefits Scheme provides a Life Insurance Policy, Critical Illness, Sickness Benefit, Terminal Illness Advance, and Travel Insurance...

We are pleased to advise the renewal of the PFNI Benefits Scheme on 1st March 2024. As a direct result of a thorough audit of the Benefits Scheme, including the claims experience, we have restructured the scheme by removing the lesser used benefits whilst at the same time enhancing those most frequently used.

  1. Increased the Life Insurance Benefit to £115,000
  2. Introduced a new Life- Threatening Injury Benefits
  3. In enhancing the scheme we have: - Extended Life Insurance to age 70 (previously age 65)
  4. Increased the monthly Sickness Benefits payments to £70 per week (previously £49) and the Higher Benefit to £119 per week (previously £100)
  5. Added a further 10 Critical Illnesses thereby increasing the total number of illnesses covered to 38 and reduced the survival period to 14 days (previously 28 days)
  6. Increased the free Children’s Critical Illness to £2,500 (previously £1,000)
  7. Increased the Children’s Critical Illness to cover children from 30 days to age 18 (previously 6 months to age 18)
  8. Increased the Travel Insurance to age 70 (previously age 65)
  9. Removed the annual Medical Screening requirement
  10. Retained the Travel Insurance’s medical expenses and cancellation cover for Covid-19 The Benefits Scheme is available for joining all year round.

How to Apply

You can apply by downloading the application form by signing into the members section, requesting it by email at or calling the office on 028 9076 4200 Option 2. Deductions are taken at source via your salary and includes a minimal admin fee.  As a member of the Benefits Scheme you may also apply to insure your spouse/partner by joining the Spouses Scheme and on retirement you may avail of the Benefits Scheme Continued Life Cover and Spouses Schemes until age 70 by Direct Debit.