Benefits Scheme Continued Life Cover (Retired Members)

The Continued Life Cover Scheme is a version of the Benefits Scheme for retired members which can be continued with when you retire...

We are pleased to advise renewal of the PFNI Benefits Scheme Continued Life Cover on 1st March 2024 with new added benefits and a minimal price increase. In addition to your previous cover we have enhanced the travel insurance with NEW STRANDED PASSENGER BENEFIT and CAR HIRE COLLISION WAIVER DAMAGE. The Benefits Scheme Continued Life Cover is now opened for joining all year round (previously only in March of each year).

Life Insurance

Life insurance paid to your nominated beneficiary/beneficiaries in the event of your death. The benefit amount paid is dependent on your age at the time of your death. Death from any cause before you are aged 60 is £50,000.00. The Benefit reduces to £25,000.00 if you are between the age of 60 and 65 and £5,000.00 if you are between the age of 65 and 70. Cover ceases on your 70th birthday.

Family Worldwide Travel Insurance

Cover extends to spouse and resident children up to age 21 (if in FTE) for holidays up to 30 days at one time. All travellers are subject to the policy’s Health Warranty, however from 1st March 2021 there are no medical screening requirements.  All travellers are covered up to age 70.

Terminal Prognosis Benefit

20% of the Life Insurance Benefit can be advanced to you, if you are diagnosed with an illness where their prognosis is less than 12 months. The remaining 80% will be paid on death.

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