Legal Assistance

Professional and confidential legal services are offered to members.

Professional and confidential legal services are offered to members by our long standing Solicitors.  Most of the matters referred under Federation Schemes are on behalf of individual members, the others being those affecting our membership in general.

Due to the substantial increase in our dealings with the Solicitors it is now more important than ever that members are aware of the procedure for implementing their services.  Where a member requires legal assistance which he/she feels should be pursued with the backing and/or in the name of the Federation they must:

  1. Complete the Legal Assistance Application Form 

  2. Once the form has been submitted you will receive correspondence from the Federation Office to confirm if your application has been approved or denied.  If approved, the Solicitors will make contact with you.

Members claiming assistance under the Federation Schemes should not contact the Solicitors direct without first adopting the above procedure, except for PACE interviews whether conducted by PONI, PSD or local.

Police which are not funded by the PFNI but rather the Legal Services Commission green form scheme.  In these cases only is it permitted to contact the Federation Solicitors directly in advance of the interview.

Enhanced Legal Cover

The PFNI are pleased to announce Enhanced Legal Cover, effective 1st January 2017, for Voluntary Fund Subscribers, in addition to that already provided under the Voluntary Fund Rules.

The Insurance Cover is designed to enable claims, from serving Officers, where legal action is taken against them, which is not covered by the term 'bona-fide' performance of duty.

What is covered:

  1. Crime, pre-charge;
  2. Crime, post-charge;
  3. Civil Legal Defence;
  4. Disciplinary Hearings;
  5. Personal Injury;
  6. Contract Cover;

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