Subject Access Request

Please complete this form if you wish to apply for access to your personal data held by the Police Federation for Northern Ireland. Please read the guidance notes below before completing this form.

Guidance Notes 

  • Under Article 15 of the General Data Protection Regulations, Members have the right to request confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning them are being processed, and where that is the case, access to the personal data held. This form should only be completed by the individual requesting the information, and to whom that information relates. 
  • This form is designed to assist the process of making a Subject Access Request. Due to the sensitivity of the information held by PFNI, it is imperative that sufficient proof of identity is provided. If you are unable to provide PFNI with proof of identity, your application will not be processed. PFNI may contact you to request further information.
  • Once PFNI is satisfied that you meet the criteria for disclosure of data under the GDPR, and have provided sufficient information, you should receive notification that your request has been processed. Records may be held in several different formats, including both paper and electronic. If you only require specific information and you clearly state what that is – for example a specific document or IT only data – then you are likely to receive a quicker disclosure.
  • PFNI will make every effort to ensure that your request is completed within one calendar month, however we may be able to extend the period of compliance by a further two months where requests are complex or numerous. If this is the case, you will be informed within one month of the receipt of the request and explanation provided as to why the extension is necessary.
  • A member will receive notification that a Subject Access Request has been completed by PFNI. In the interests of personal security, we suggest that the member collects the data from the office personally. In exceptional circumstances, information may be posted, however this is not recommended.
  • The information that you receive may have data redacted, depending on the nature of the document concerned, and may also contain rough notes that lack clarity which have been made during processing.
  • If you have any queries with this form, with the Subject Access Request procedure, or the information you have received, you can contact the Data Protection Officer at the Federation Office on 02890 764 200 or by emailing


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