PFNI calls for urgent review of sentencing guidelines

PFNI calls for urgent review of sentencing guidelines

3 years ago Members News

The Police Federation for Northern Ireland (PFNI) is calling for an urgent review of sentencing guidelines following the conviction of Christine Connor of the attempted murder of an officer and causing an explosion.

PFNI Chair, Mark Lindsay, said: “Connor was given a twenty-year sentence but with time served on remand and parole, she may only actually serve eight years.

“This is not a sentence which wholly reflects the impact of her crimes on the victims. The Executive should act to correct this situation, to at least bring us into line with England and Wales where the attempted murder of a police officer would attract a more substantial period of imprisonment.

“An urgent and realistic review of sentencing guidelines is needed to reassurance officers that those who set out to murder or maim them will be adequately punished. 

“I spoke to one of the officers involved in this callous and cowardly attack today and seven years on, he is still extremely traumatised. Connor showed no remorse and didn’t plead guilty, which meant the victims of her crimes had to relive the day she tried to murder them in Court.

“We have to have real and effective sentencing to protect the very people who safeguard and protect society. 

“Thankfully, this dangerous terrorist is out of circulation, but the time she will serve behind bars, in my view, does not reflect the seriousness of her crimes and the impact it has had on my colleagues”.

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