Call for Taser roll out after ‘horrific incident’ in Derry-Londonderry

Call for Taser roll out after ‘horrific incident’ in Derry-Londonderry

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The Chair of the Police Federation for Northern Ireland, Mark Lindsay, has expressed the hope that the officer injured in an ‘horrific incident’ in Derry-Londonderry makes a speedy recovery.

Mr Lindsay said: “In what was a frightening incident in Gobnascale, the officer sustained knife wound to his head and arm and a man sustained a chest injury after a police firearm as discharged.

“This was an horrific incident for all concerned. We wish our officer a full and speedy recovery and assure him we will do all we can on his behalf during the Police Ombudsman’s investigation.

“This incident is yet more proof of the need for the more widespread roll out of less lethal Taser to deal with potentially life-threatening incidents.

“Taser protects lives and prevents injuries and rather than viewing it as a further erosion of civil liberties, it should be seen as a preferable option to the use of firearm.

“Taser is an effective device when dealing with difficult and challenging incidents. Its professional deployment protects officers and prevents assailants from inflicting harm on others including officers. It is a sensible and safe deterrent that also gives officers badly-needed protection in often volatile and dangerous situations.”

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