Holiday Pay Update - October 2021

Holiday Pay Update - October 2021

2 years ago Holiday Pay

PFNI would remind members that the mediation process is still progressing. The PSNI have agreed to provide the relevant information that our legal teams Accountants have requested.

The Accountants are in discussions to ensure that the data provided will form a reliable basis to use to help assess the appropriate overtime.

On receipt of further information requested by will take time for the Accountants to review and to prepare a basis to make the appropriate calculations. A further day in late December has been set aside for mediation when PFNI would hope there can be meaningful discussions, if all relevant information has been produced and the Accountants have had time to analyse it.

PFNI would request that members refrain from telephoning either our or the legal teams offices with individual queries regarding the ongoing mediation process.

All parties are keen that the mediation would have a favourable outcome. PFNI and our legal team will ensure that all members are duly updated when there is in fact some progress.

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