Welcome for Spit and Bite Guard decision

Welcome for Spit and Bite Guard decision

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The Police Federation for Northern Ireland has welcomed the decision by the Chief Constable to make Spit and Bite Guards (SBG) a permanent part of equipment for all frontline officers.

PFNI Chair, Liam Kelly, said: “We have argued for Spit and Bite Guards for some considerable time as an essential and badly-needed protection for officers.

“Too often, officers have had to cope with the revolting, vile and dangerous practice of being spat at during incidents. Similarly, officers have been bitten by individuals as they resisted arrest or were confronting officers.

“The use of Spit and Bite Guards fully complies with Human Rights obligations and fulfils the PSNI’s responsibilities to do all it can to protect the health, safety and welfare of officers.

“This decision makes sense. It offers an additional safeguard and protection for officers as they go about their everyday policing duties.

“Spit and Bite Guards also gives reassurance to officers. Although the decision to make them a permanent piece of frontline officer equipment has taken an unnecessarily long time, it is heartening that we have finally reached a sensible and practical outcome." 

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