Yet more delay in police pay award

Yet more delay in police pay award

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Yet more delay in police pay award

The Police Federation for Northern Ireland says another month has gone by without officers receiving the pay award that was agreed last summer.

The six-month delay in getting the increase into payslips has been described as ‘a monumental mess’ by Departments which must sign off on the award.

PFNI Chair, Liam Kelly, said: “Our officers are caught in the grip of the most severe financial crisis in living memory. Small though it is, the anticipated pay increase would have been a big help over recent months.

“Yet, here we are in January and there’s still no sign-off of the additional money. It’s a monumental mess and it shows a callous indifference to the financial plight our men and women are experiencing.

“Do the people who juggle the numbers not realise the impact their foot-dragging is having on the people I represent?

“Do they not care about the everyday hardships officers and their families are experiencing?

“When will someone in a position of authority sign the approvals to get the ball rolling? This pay award has now been pushed back to February at the earliest and I am seeking assurances that the delays will no longer be tolerated.

“I want to be clear. This isn’t the fault of the PSNI. The Service is committed to paying this immediately, but is being hamstrung by the Departments of Justice and Finance. Officers are being treated disgracefully by Departments. It’s time they stopped dithering.”

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