Reduced Threat Level Welcome News for Society

Reduced Threat Level Welcome News for Society

2 years ago Terrorism

The Police Federation for Northern Ireland has said the reduction in the threat level is to be welcomed across the community but it shouldn’t take away from the basic fact that officers remain targets for attack.

PFNI Chair, Mark Lindsay, said: “From ‘severe’ to ‘substantial’ means the risk of an attack has been reduced from “highly likely” to “likely”.

“Clearly, there is very little difference between the two levels, all of which means our officers must remain vigilant and conscious of the fact that there are still terrorist groups and individuals who would wish to inflict harm.

“This is the first time in over ten years that the threat level has reduced and my earnest hope is that it is indicative of a society that is becoming a more normal place to live.

“The credit for this is in no small way due to the incredibly hard work carried out by PSNI officers and their partner agencies, who working with communities, have continued to make society safer.”

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