PFNI condemns attempt to murder officers in Strabane

PFNI condemns attempt to murder officers in Strabane

1 years ago Terrorism


The Police Federation for Northern Ireland (PFNI) says a terrorist attack in Strabane was a ‘desperate, reckless act’ to murder officers working for the entire community. 

PFNI Chair, Liam Kelly, said: “The terrorist goal was to cause heartache and misery and return Northern Ireland to the dark ages.

“We are grateful that officers in the vehicle targeted by these cowards were unhurt. The attackers wanted their roadside device to cause maximum damage and we are thankful they failed in their objective.

“Nothing is gained by such a callous, hate-filled incident. The terrorist threat is rated ‘substantial’ and I would appeal to all officers to step up their vigilance.

“This attack is a reminder to us all that terrorists are still active in our community. They want to maim or murder our men and women. The truth is they are a bankrupt throwback to another time and have nothing to offer society.

“I would appeal to people to help the police track down those responsible and bring them before the Courts.

“This was a desperate, reckless act. It will not deter our colleagues from doing their job with professionalism and dedication.”

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