Holiday Pay Tribunal Update - 5th November 2018

Holiday Pay Tribunal Update - 5th November 2018

Holiday Pay Tribunal Update - 5th November 2018

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Holiday Pay Tribunal Update - 5th November 2018


There has been a significant development in respect of the Holiday Pay Tribunal case in terms of a legal judgement which was given on Friday 2nd November 2018.

This has been a complex case, commencing in 2016, based on the fact that as a result of working regular overtime and availing of annual leave, Police Officers have not been paid correctly over a number of years, monies to which they were entitled in respect of Holiday Pay. 

PFNI have supported 2700 claimants to date, at no cost to the individuals. 

The Tribunal found that unlawful deductions had indeed been taken from Police Officers pay, an excellent result for our members and our legal team at Edwards & Co.

The amount of each officers compensation will have to be calculated individually, an exercise the Tribunal described as “a Herculean effort”.

The next stage in this matter, will be a case management discussion with all parties, the details of which will be communicated in due course.

Our legal team at Edwards & Co, are currently preparing a detailed summary of the Judgement for each of the claimants.

A number of matters remain outstanding in respect of retired members and those who have been promoted to Inspecting ranks and above but once this information becomes available we will provide an update.

All updates will continue to be placed on the PFNI website.

Colin McCrum, PFNI Secretary

Update from Edwards & Company Solicitors

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