Pension Update - 29th October 2019

Pension Update - 29th October 2019

4 years ago Members News

Following a case management hearing in London today, the seven staff associations who represent police officers throughout the United Kingdom have been granted interested party status to the Employment Tribunal tasked with determining the remedy to the discrimination caused by the transitional protections introduced in the CARE 2015 pension scheme.

The Home Office has again confirmed today that the remedy for claimants will be applied for all members who were discriminated against as a result of the transitional arrangements.  It is for the tribunal to decide what, if any compensation it will award and will hear the evidence in respect of that during 2020.  

Collectively we, the staff associations for police officers throughout the UK, have a responsibility to represent the different pensions groups within our membership and we are seeking to represent the interests of all members by making certain they are treated fairly and in accordance with the law. We feel it is important that their respective positions are also considered when arriving at the best remedy.

Liam Kelly, PFNI Secretary


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