PFNI Statement on PSNI re-branding

PFNI Statement on PSNI re-branding

4 years ago Members News

“There is a consultation process underway and people will be able to express their views.

Much of the operational proposals outlined by the PSNI makes sound sense. It is important that the service modernises and has the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

As clearly outlined by the Chief Constable, this cannot be a name change or a change in the crest as that is set in law. There was hard-won political consensus, and considerable internal pain, around the crest when it was introduced. That fact should not be lost in this debate.

We accept that this is an attempt to provide more operationally practical uniforms for officers and greater visibility for vehicles. In fact, the vehicle livery is more in line with what is seen in all other parts of the United Kingdom.

Altering the crest by removing the name from it is proving problematic. I believe this is inappropriate and it is a view that we will convey during the formal consultation and implementation phase.

Since the unveiling of the new-look branding, the PFNI is aware of some officers who expressed concern about the removal of the name from the crest that will more frequently be seen in public.

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