PRRB Update - 20th July 2022

PRRB Update - 20th July 2022

1 years ago Pay Review

The Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) have made recommendations for the Police officer pay award 2022/2023 for colleagues in England and Wales. They have recommended a one year award for Police officers in the form of a consolidated increase of £1,900 to all Police officer pay points for all ranks.

The principle of pay parity with England and Wales is important and we have a long established core pay link with our colleagues in England and Wales. Therefore the Police Federation for Northern Ireland fully expect an identical main pay award recommendation for PSNI officers. 

However public sector pay policy in Northern Ireland is a devolved matter so we must await our Government’s decision. The next stage of the process will involve receipt of our PRRB recommendations in the next few weeks. This year we fully expect to see proactive collaborative efforts between the PSNI, and the Departments of Finance and Justice to ensure the award process is concluded as quickly as possible. 

Please be advised that I will continue to provide updates as and when I receive them.

Damian Walsh | Secretary

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