• Update on Holiday Pay Claim

    There has been much debate around how far back members are entitled to claim back in this case and many questions arising;

    5 years Holiday Pay
  • Enquiry office closures are first of series of cuts

    The Chairman of the Police Federation for Northern Ireland, Mark Lindsay, described the planned closure of Enquiry offices and reduced opening hours as ‘the first inevitable step on the road to implementing further cuts which will fundamentally change the way policing is delivered in Northern Ireland.’

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  • PFNI condemns gun attack on Officer

    A Police Officer has been shot in a terrorist gun attack in north Belfast.

    5 years Terrorism
  • PFNI condemns Poleglass bomb attempt

    Following the discovery of an explosive device in the Poleglass area of west Belfast, Mark Lindsay, Chairman of the Police Federation for Northern Ireland, said: “Terrorists who planted an explosive device in Poleglass are to be condemned for endangering the lives of police officers and people who live in the area. To plant a device that could kill and maim passers-by is reckless in the extreme.

    5 years Terrorism
  • Service levels to slip as 30 Officers leave Policing evert month

    Thirty Police Officers are leaving the PSNI every month, according to the Police Federation for Northern Ireland.

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  • Warning of service failings over funding cuts

    The Police Federation for Northern Ireland says the current political crisis should give Ministers the time to reflect on what policing requires if it’s to deliver a well resourced and reliable police service.

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