PFNI says murder of Lyra McKee was depraved and barbaric

PFNI says murder of Lyra McKee was depraved and barbaric

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The Chair of the Police Federation for Northern Ireland, (PFNI), Mark Lindsay, has described as ‘depraved and barbaric’ last night’s murder of journalist, Lyra McKee.

In a statement, Mr Lindsay said: “This is an appalling and dastardly act. First of all, I wish to extend my deepest sympathies to the family of Lyra McKee.

“Lyra was a young woman out doing her job as a journalist in the Creggan last night when she was so cruelly cut down.  Police officers who were nearby and dealing with violent disorder rushed Lyra to hospital. Sadly, their efforts to save her life weren’t successful.

“This murder was a depraved act and utterly futile. It was barbaric. It achieved nothing but to inflict pain and suffering on a family and leave a community shocked to its core.

“The killer needs to be caught. I would urge the good people of Creggan, and beyond, to help the PSNI to bring this murderer to justice. We have to rid ourselves of this scourge. We have to remove the oppression that these dissidents impose on a community so that young and old can look with confidence to a future free from the gun and bomb.

“Today, we mourn the needless and tragic passing of a young journalist. Today, as one, we should say to her killer that nothing has been achieved that would advance any agenda, and that the time has come to end this appalling terrorism.

“I would appeal to people to work with the PSNI in an all-out effort to rid our community of these vicious and heartless terrorists who offer nothing but a hollow and empty future.”

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